Xavier's Story 


Hi! You may not know me, but I wanted to tell you a little about me. My name is Xavier and I am 9 years old. I was diagnosed with Leukemia in February 2020.

I began chemotherapy right away. A week later we found out that I was allergic to a chemo medication called asparaginase. My mom took me to the hospital right away. I had severe pancreatitis and my body also went into septic shock. Shortly after I got a fungal infection at the hospital. It spread all over my skin and the inside of my body. My parents transferred me from Summerlin Hospital to UCLA so that I can receive better care since I was in critical condition. I couldn't eat for almost 5 months and I lost the ability to sit and walk. I had many surgeries where they had to cut me open and take the fungal infection physically out of my body. I had many open wounds for months and was sedated daily so they can stuff my wounds with gauze and take out the fungal infection. Eventually, my wounds closed and now I have battle scars to prove that I survived this crazy nightmare!


I was in the hospital for 149 days from February to July. When I was discharged, I couldn’t walk that well and came out in a wheelchair.

My parents were my nurses since I had a PICC line that they needed to take care of daily and do weekly dressing changes. They were also my physical therapist and helped me get stronger.

Although it hurt to walk and it was hard I did it because "Life is tough, but so am I!"


I am stronger now and I am running, playing soccer, and dancing! My dad is my soccer coach and my mom is my Folklorico teacher.

I also love to sing! I remember singing to the nurses and doctors at UCLA. Music gave me hope and made me feel better when I was in the hospital. You should check out my video singing with Lukas Graham! We sang "Scars" together. He's the best! I hope to one day sing again with him in person.

I also like to make arts and crafts. That's where the idea of creating different designs came from! My first design was an Among Us character and I asked my parents if I could sell it. I received so much support and more requests so I decided to start my own small business!

I make new designs all the time! I can turn my designs into key chains, magnets, earrings, pins, hair clips, hair ties & bookmarks! If you don't see something that you want on the website, just send me an email to teamxavier4ever@gmail.com & I will try to make it.

You can also see me at Ferguson Downtown with Future Makers! I do a few pop-up events there. 

Follow me on Facebook & Instagram to see what I'm up to. 

Thank you for supporting me! The profits I make are going to my college fund so that I can be a doctor and help other kids. I will also continue to make designs for other cancer patients so that I can make them happy!

Stay safe and I will continue to kick cancer's butt!


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